Advanced Coaching thoughts

The Club and Members have the opportunity to engage in some specialist race training provided by Tim Rush or other coaches.

This would be aimed at providing race coaching at the highest level.

Race training within the club is already available within the youth squad and transition training programs.

Advanced coaching can work in one of three ways:
1.  A volunteer might come forward to organise training on a broad basis across the club. In principle this would involve coordinating multiple sessions so that viable training would be open to all. There would be a cost to individual participants.

2.  Fleets Coaching has always been available, fleets can organise coaching with Tim or other specialist coaches. £100 is available annually to fleet captains for this. If costs exceed £100, then the excess is paid by the participants.

3.  Individual members can engage with Tim (or other coaches) directly. In this case the club would have no direct involvement but we would try to make the necessary facilities available. Depending on the circumstances there may be a charge for use of Club Equipment.

If you are interested in option 1, please contact or raise at sailing committee for any proposed water / clubhouse use.