RYA First Aid

Vivienne Weston is the N.C.S.C. 1st Aid Coordinator and has a team of qualified RYA First Aid Instructors at her disposal to deliver the RYA 1st Aid Course.

More information: ryafirstaid@ncsc.org.uk 

Please read our Terms and Conditions before booking 

The course is available to all members at £10 to help with the cost of the excellent compulsory 1st Aid manual that you will receive.

The course, run over a full day, is extremely informative and all members,  sailing and non- sailing, are encouraged to participate.  The content covers all aspects of 1st Aid, both water and land based. To practice your C.P.R. skills on Annie is an opportunity not to be missed!

It is compulsory for our RYA qualified Instructors, (Dinghy, Windsurfing & Powerboating), to hold a current 1st Aid Certificate.

Courses are generally run in the early Spring and Autumn. The qualification is valid for 3 years after which the course must be retaken.   

Whilst it is hoped the skills taught will never be called into practice, if there is one course as a club member you should take, it is this one!

If you want to know more email: training@ncsc.org.uk

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