County Sc Cooler 

The storm warnings were out but over 30 intrepid sailors attended the first day of the cooler at Notts County SC.

The County Cooler is the first of a Midlands mini series, also calling at Ogston, Staunton and Burton over the next few weeks. The events are open to all, with members of participating clubs entering free.

Saturday saw some whitecaps at the start of the race and a few spills, but as the wind increased a good number of boats including experienced helms succumbed to the conditions, keeping the safety boats busy. After most had finished however one tremendous gust of 50mph came through, you could see the white water being whipped up, no one stayed upright.

Ross Ryan the Race Officer set a couple of beats, reaches, runs giving all the boats a good chance on handicap. Whilst the maximum gust was 50mph there was an average windspeed of 24 mph with 43 mph gusts for much of the race.
The First Race saw Chris Martin and John Talby (Notts County) win in a merlin, with a second in the following race they were the overnight leaders. Kevin Hope and Andy Stewart (Notts County) had a firth and a first and were second overall with Peter Gray and Rich Peperdine (Staunton Harold) third overnight.
Sunday dawned flat calm but the wind started filling in and there was enough for a 10.30 start, at least it was sunny. Andy McKee and Steve Graham (Staunton) won the first race with Chris Martin and John Tailby second, in the final handicap race it was the scorpion of Pete Gray and Rich Peperdine who won. There was very little to choose between any of the top four going into the final race, with Chris Martin’s consistency giving a small advantage.
The final race was a non discardable pursuit race was held in light winds and won by Peter Gray, moving him to second overall, Chris Martin was second, to took home the County Cooler trophy.
Updated results (1/2/22) Handicap and pursuitJunior

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