Notts County on the road 2024

We love to hear of Notts County Sailors on the road, their success and what they are doing. (including ex members !)

John sent me this about Catherine Sears 

Catherine is currently competing in the Italian Dragon Grand Prix at Riva in Lake Garda. She is sailing with Gavia Wilkinson-Cox. These are the photos she has sent so far. She has just completed a course with the RYA keelboat academy, alongside Ben Paling.

I know others such as the Graytons & Gunns are traveling and competing nationally so please update us on how they are doing.

Junior & Youth results to May 2024
James Burton was 5th overall in the Midlands Topper Traveller series which has recently concluded.  
Kat Gunn won the Topper NS3 event at Grafham a few weeks ago.  
Sam Grayton has been competing in ILCA6;
Chloe Grayton and Kat Gunn have been competing in ILCA4.

We believe there has also been activity in 29ers (Charlie Hopkinson; Ben Paling); 420 (Ed Quinn and Ed Paling). 

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