Transitional Training expression of Interest

Similar to previous years, the club is considering running some Saturday morning Transitional Training coaching aimed at adults who have just started or are about to start racing (for example on a Saturday afternoon). The possible dates are currently 7 May, 9 July, 30 July, 6 Aug, 20 Aug. Are you interested in joining in?

If so, please let us know, at or better still fill in the form below, which will be emailed straight to the team.

The plan is for a coaching session in the morning followed by the club Saturday afternoon racing, with feedback afterwards. Possible topics include improving upwind boat speed; offwind boat speed; mark rounding and starting.

The club already provides many other types of support for members looking to build their sailing skill

  1. RYA Courses include Better Sailing, Start Racing and Seamanship and Spinnaker (all depending on demand) see Training page
  2. Youth Race Squad coaching sessions for Youngsters (YRS)
  3. Opportunities for Advanced level coaching

However, the club is also considering providing further coaching/support aimed at those who might have done a Level 2 course recently; and would appreciate some support in getting out on the water to practice.

If this sounds like you, then please also let us know on form below