Protest Procedures and information

The NCSC Sailing Instructions 2022 set out the framework for Dispute procedures.  The following links provide guidance from the RYA on the different types of Dispute procedure that you can use (Advisory Hearings, RYA Arbitration, Protest Hearings and Requests for Redress).

RYA Racing Rules  – Club reference copy available in Race Office, please do not remove.

Dispute process resources

RYA Guidance – Rules Disputes Poster – Overview Options – Advisory meetings, RYA arbitration, Protest hearing – Key overview

What is a protest ( An outline of the basics behind the protest process which provides general advice for what to do if you want to protest, or find out you are being protested.  The NCSC Sailing Instructions  provide more detailed information specific to NCSC.

RYA Rules Disputes Process, including Q & A

RRS | Introduction (

Links to much more detailed info if you need to know more

RYA Case Book App (includes World Sailing cases)

RYA  running Racing Page

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