WeSUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a relatively new sport which saw an increase in popularity during the Covid lockdown. Not surprisingly there has been a surge of interest in SUPs and iSUPs (Inflatable SUPs) at the club. It is an ideal way to get out on the water – especially on those warm sunny days when there is little wind for sailing. And it provides a pleasant way to get fit outdoors. 

Stand Up Paddleboarding at NCSC is restricted to water use category Club members or visitors invited by Members (for which there are restrictions).

If the weather conditions are favourable, SUP users can use the water when it does not conflict with organized racing/training or Open Water swimming on the small lake.

Circumnavigating the large lake is approximately 3.9kms and takes approximately 1 hour at a moderate pace. The small lake is ideal for starting out if you have not SUPped before, it is more sheltered and doesn’t get as much wind as the large lake.

There are however some restrictions, for all water users in accordance with the terms of the club’s lease as detailed below:

  • February to end of September (Main season) – water users can access the water on any day of the week
  • October to end of October – water users can only use the water on Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays, plus Notts schools half term week
  • November to 2 February – water users can only use the water on Wednesdays and Sundays.
    Occasionally there are additional days allowed these are outlined in the monthly newsletter or SCM.

Stand Up Paddleboarding takes place on an informal basis. Friday and Sunday afternoons have become popular times when other SUP users might be on the water,

The WeSUP group is useful for sharing tips and ideas on paddleboarding, looking at trips to other locations to try out paddling on rivers etc, coaching opportunities to improve skills, self-rescue or even just getting started.

Six members took part in a British Canoeing, SUP Safer course on 14 August at the club. It was a great chance to improve skills and find out ways for rescue and recovery – highly recommended for those just starting out on their SUP adventure.

Members at the SUP safer course


With the recent hot weather there has been an instance of an exploding SUP at the club which had been left out in the sun. Please take care where you leave your inflated board and protect it from the heat – see link here


Please note the following:

All SUP users MUST wear a waist or ankle leash at all times when on their board on the water, along with an approved Buoyancy aid or EN ISO certified Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

Anyone not complying with this policy will be required to leave the water.

Please ensure that you are suitably dressed in case you have an unexpected dunking in the water.

If you have an iSUP or SUP and are interested in getting out on the water please email – Moira Hart – at wesup@ncsc.org.uk with your mobile number so you can be added to the weSUP Whats App group to keep you informed on what is going on SUPwise.

SUP users must be insured – RYA or British Canoeing membership can provide suitable cover.

Moira Hart – SUP co-ordinator