Boat park

NCSC Boat Park Berths 2017 planWe have 550 boat berths with additional container storage for windsurfers and designated areas for trailer storage. And yet we still struggle for space!

With the transition to automated invoices being generated by Sailing Club Manager it is essential that the Boat Berth information is kept up to date to ensure that you are billed correctly.

By following a few guidelines this is easily achieved.

Please contact the Boat Park Manager:-

  1. If you require a Boat Berth; you will be allocated the best available berth.
  2. If you sell your boat to another member and they require the berth.
  3. If you purchase a boat from another member and require the berth.
  4. If you no longer require a berth


General Guidelines:-

No craft other than dinghies and boards may be stored on NCSC property.

All dinghies and boards must carry at least £3m 3rd party insurance.

Boats left in a non- allocated berths will be removed.

Boats should be tied down using the sunken anchorage points available in all berths (except most Topper berths).

Members are responsible for keeping their berth tidy and free of foliage.

One boat + maximum of one sail board per berth.

Berth stickers for the current year are fixed to the plaque to the left of the berth by the Boat Park Manager on receipt of payment.

Boats in berths not paid for by 1st March are liable to be moved to a holding area with the monthly fee incurred. Members who have changing circumstances should contact the Boat Park Manager who will endeavour to assist.

Trailers may be stored either within a berth or in the copse adjacent to the car park. Trailers are not to be left on the car park. No cars in the Boat Park. Please ensure your trailer is clearly marked with your name membership number

Limited container storage is available for windsurfer boards + equipment.

Contact: Jill & Steve Lowe email:-



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