Summer holiday youth course - August 14-16 and 23-25

The first of two August Youth and Adult courses took place on 14th to 16th August. With 18 youngsters and 9 adults plus instructors it was a busy three days, and one of the larger courses we have run for some time.

Thanks to all the volunteers (no one at club is paid) who instructed, acted as lookout and crewed safety boats, on both courses, a photo of the ones I could find is in the photos !

In particular thanks to Stephanie Gunn who as SI was in charge of the event, and of course behind the scenes Pauline for food, and Fiona for sorting the bookings (which believe me takes quite a bit of time). 

We had two days with some wind and a final day with almost none.

Certificates issued

9 – Level 1 adult
8 – Youth Stage 1
3 – Youth Stage 2
6 – Youth Stage 3
2 – Youth Stage 4

It is great to see the youngsters progressing and adults having their first taste of the sport. If anyone is interested in taking courses further please register so we have you on a waiting list and can plan next year. Link to  YouthAdult , the registering of interest is at the bottom of page – (ignore the date our system needs a date !)

The second course took place on 23rd to 25th August with 11 on Youth Stage 1. Great to see so many Saturday Club sailors on the course. George was in charge for two days and Adrian the final day, with Robert, Madison, Millie, Raife, Ari on other days, and of course not forgetting Steve in safety & Peter on lookout and shore. 11 gained their Stage 1 certificates in the light winds but good weather.

They were even treated to an air show on their first day. Some photos added below.

PS If we have inadvertently included anyone who didn’t want to be photographed please let us know.

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