Discover Sailing 23

Our annual Open Day was another great success, thanks to the support from a large number of club members. John Sears and Kathryn Hinsliff-Smith doing much of the organising. Glyn Ritchie leading on Dinghy, and Dave Baldwin and Gerry Ball on windsurfers. Moira Hart led on the Paddle boarding and Mandy Davie and team on cake stall, not forgetting Pauline and those behind the bar.

Thanks to all the instructors, buoyancy aid helpers, guides, car parking and registration.

Thankfully the weather was fine and a breeze providing nearly 300 visitors with an excellent taste of the watersports on offer. 

The day started with Saturday Club, as teams prepared for visitors. Then the have a go sessions got going and carried on till nearly 4pm. 

The RNLI cake stall raised just under £380 and the RNLI collection tin was swelled by a further £77.

We signed a few members on the day with quite a few more very interested. We are looking for dinghy instructors to ensure the June/July dinghy courses fill their potential (and any windsurf instructors we don’t know about).

After packing most items away it was time for a pint in the sun (or a BBQ)

Thanks to everyone who made it a success.

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