ILCA (Laser) Open 2022

The Rooster Notts County SC ILCA Open attracted 26 entries from all over the Midlands. Whilst the sunshine was welcome it was hot, with a very fickle wind.

James Logan, the race officer, had to postpone the first start several times, as the wind kept swinging ninety degrees, and dropped away to nothing then filled in with a very light breeze. After about half an hour the wind settled, and it was game on.

The ILCA 6 was closely fought with George Fereday from Earlswood winning the first race, Gary Knott from Notts County was second, with young Caitlin Thomas (ILCA 6) from Notts County third.

There was a break for lunch and rehydration, and two back-to-back races squeezed in during the afternoon. The leaders reversed results for the first race with Gary Knott winning, and Richard Mason from Notts County third.

For the final race George Fereday and Gary Knott were neck and neck on three points, so it was all on the last race. John Scott (Grand master) from the home club took the win, Richard Mason was next with George Fereday third. This gave George the win on discard and Gary second, with Richard Mason third.

The First youth and ILCA 6 was Caitlin Thomas in an impressive 8th position overall.


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Photo from the committee boat by James Logan
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