Recycling Strategy at Notts County

Just like many households the Club is charged for the collection of any waste that we create and we have a contract with ENVA for our collection (twice a week in the summer season, fortnightly the winter) collection. 

Located outside our safety store are our three contracted bins – general waste, mixed recycling and glasswhich once at the contractor’s waste site are sorted – except any black bags which go straight into landfill

As a Club we and YOU pay more for the general waste collection. Please do not use any of these for the disposing of your own home waste…these are for club waste only use.   


In the club we have installed a recycling and waste station so that we can dispose of our waste appropriately. This will help the club to save money and also be better for our environment. This is in addition to our recycling function that we operate at the bar.

 Please do your bit and think before you dispose.

Think is it recycling or general/food waste

If in doubt add to the non-black bag bins as it will be sorted at the waste centre and not go into landfill. examples are in diagrams below (and above bins)

Photo showing bins in conservatory
Collection bins emptied regularly, only club waste permitted
Glass waste (near bar)

Our waste strategy aligns with the RYA Sustainability Strategy, Pathways to Zero: A Vision for a Sustainable UK Recreational Boating SectorThe strategy sets out how the RYA will deliver on its environmental objectives over the next 10 years, in response to the global threats to our climate and environment. The strategy seeks to address key international concerns about the environmentIt contains an initial action plan for delivery over the next 12-18 months and targets 2030 to achieve their goals.

The RYA has produced guides and resources along within this video to think about all aspects of water use and the respect for our natural environments. See Environment & Sustainability | RYA and RESPECT, PROTECT & ENJOY our inland and marine waters, wildlife and habitats with The Green Blue (


An initiative called The Green Blue Pledge is also aimed at Clubs, Centres and Associations  so our club waste strategy initiative strongly links this national work by the RYA Clubs, Centres & Associations – The Green Blue & Facilities & Operations – The Green Blue


So please help us at the club by supporting our waste strategy. In addition, our environmental pledge means that we have already replaced our older engines with more efficient running diesels, installing and requesting safety rib drivers to hold a station therefore conserving fuel, invested in HIVE control for our energy use and reviewing our overall energy usage.  There are other aspects that we can review, if as a member you have any ideas then please do discuss with any flag officers of the Exec. 

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