Snakebite 2023

Snakebite 2023 took place on 11/12 th February at Notts County Sailing Club.

The event is organised by The Nottingham University and is known as a well organised and popular event, with over 130 competitors or 22 teams this year. The logistics are quite scary, a team doing results in the race office, 30 University Sailing Club members doing the Start boat (a race every 3 minutes) repairs team, pontoon team, fish boat and general safety and transport. the club bosun also has quite a bit to do making sure all the boats are working and running. We shouldn’t forget the highly experienced umpires keeping everyone in order, making on the spot decisions as the rules are pushed to the limit.

The event starts early – around 9.30 where possible around a tight course meaning up to 90 races a day. The aim is that each team will race all other teams in different boats, to even out all the variables so the most consistent team wins. 

Meanwhile Pauline and team were busy preparing bacon cobs and lunch for everyone.

Saturday saw around 80 races sailed in light and occasionally a little stronger winds. Sunday’s lighter conditions meant another 30 or so races took place.

The Rutland Raiders won overall, with Exeters Reds second, Shefield gold were third and Exeter black forth.

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