Abandoned trailers to be scrapped

Trailers in the Woods 

Two years ago the club embarked upon a project to get rid of abandoned trailers and trolleys from the wooded storage area.  To this end everyone has been encouraged to identify their trailers with the membership number, and/or name, ideally on one of the rubber tags supplied for this purpose.

In spring 2023 (on the working day) red labels were placed on the unidentified trailers/trollys, and members were asked to complete their details on the label.

At the recent working party day on the 20th April, 40+ still unidentified trollys and trailers containing red tags have been removed from the storage area and placed on the grassed lane to the right of the wood.

On the 1st June these unidentified trailers will be considered abandoned and as such scrap and removed from the club premises.

Every member who owns a trailer/trolley in storage at the club are encourage to check whether your trailer/trolley has been moved.  If it has, you need to write your membership number, and surname on the attached tag, with a permanent, fade resistant marker and return the trailer to the storage area.

Be warned if you do not do this By 1st June 2024, then all remaining unidentified trollies will be considered abandoned and removed.

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