Thanks to all who attended Work Party Sat 29th Oct

Thanks to nearly 30 club  members who arrived to get lots done at the work party on 29th October. Your input is appreciated and included.

Plenty of scrub was cleared both near the Flying 15 compound, windsurf corner and near the launch areas and trailer park. 

The kissing gate, which will be the new access point to the footpaths near the club, has been installed and the stile will be closed off once it is completed. It will need back filling once the concrete has set, this was led by the Vice Commodore with an excellent team of volunteers.

Netting is back on the windsurf cage to reduce sail damage, and the bar area was cleared. Meanwhile the sailing secretary with a number of saws attacked the old boat to be disposed of cutting it into manageable lumps. 

The Bosun was busy repairing Red safety. The overflow was checked and cleared to keep water levels steady over winter.

There was also a First Aid course taking place updating many of our instructors in the training room led by Barry Saunders and Adrian Jones.

The deck was treated last Thursday (whilst it was dry) but is still slippery, though a little less so. Please take care on all the timber decking when wet.

Thanks also to Pauline who came down specially to provide the workers with Bacon butties.

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