Amended SI Sat 9 / 23 Sept

Notts County Sailing Club Stanier series. Amendment to Sailing Instructions 9th & 23rd September 2023

Section 16 of the Club Sailing instructions is amended as follows for the Stanier races held on 9th & 23rd September only.

  1. 16.2  In accordance with the overall principles of Rule 41(c) and (d), an RYA coach will be on the water in an additional power boat to assist less experienced sailors during each race. The power boat crew may offer advice to competitors in the race who need help to overcome a manifest problem or improve their sailing performance at the time. The coach will adhere to coaching principles and behaviours as required under Rule 2, Fair Sailing

  2. 16.3  No other Support teams, including all support persons and support person vessels will be permitted on the water during racing.

John Sears NCSC Sailing Secretary 8th August 2023

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