Anne Ryan Trophy

Ross Ryan and Debra Pennington have donated a trophy in memory of their mother Anne. 

Anne Ryan was a social member of the club and passed away in 2021. Anne was a keen and highly accomplished sailor in both dinghies and cruisers, Anne also helped on the Tall Ships and as support crew for the 15 day round Britain Wayfarer event.

The Anne Ryan Memorial trophy is to recognise Attitude is Everything 


·      Any competitor may nominate themselves for the competition on the basis that they are sailing with an impairment which in some way affects their competitiveness. Entrants are not required to state the nature of their impairment.

·      Competitors wishing to enter shall do so by emailing the sailing secretary via

·      Competitors competing in any class (including windsurfers) may enter. This is an individual competition open to helms and crews. In a boat where only the helm or crew enters as an impaired person, only the impaired result will be relevant. If both helm and crew consider themselves impaired, both competitors must enter individually.


·      The trophy will be sailed for as part of the summer class racing series but only one race per day shall be counted. Competitors shall nominate whether they wish to use their morning or afternoon result. The nomination shall be fixed from nomination for the remainder of the season.

·      The results will be calculated using individual results from the fleets. There will be no handicap calculation for the scratch fleets. This means that there be duplicated scores on any one day.

·      Number of races to count will replicate the class racing series. Scoring will be as RRS Appendix A including RRS A5.3.



·      If a competitor wins a fleet prize for the class racing series, they shall be eliminated from this competition.

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