Triton new committee boat

Some will have noticed a new craft on the water last weekend called Triton.

The old committee boat Stoke Ferry is out of use due to complex repairs and the like and is up for sale. Our secondary boat (Commodore) is a little small and fairly open, and after much deliberation the Exec Committee decided it was time for a replacement.

Paul Brown and team scoured the country and found this boat in good condition. It has an electric windlass (so no need to haul anchor up and down and muddy the decks) a large self draining working area at the back, and a decent sized cabin with good visibility, so results can be written down in the dry. At the stern is a platform allowing easy access – especially for us oldies ! (speaking for myself at least) – RIBs please take care and approach from the side for transfer (as you should on pontoon) – otherwise you may damage it and the rib.

The Bosun and team are now fitting it out with flag poles,. radios and the like and it is expected it will be ready for use in early April.

The protocol for people allowed to drive it is being worked on. It is heavier and has a lot of way but also turns well and is very different from our previous committee boat, we also want to keep it in excellent condition so it lasts as long as the previous one, hence there is likely to be a need for training.

To the right are a few photos.

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