Casual sailing and Cruising

Sundays: The third race on Sunday (3.15pm) is often quieter so there is some space on the water. So why not come down for a late lunch then take your boat out.

Boats and Boards may cruise at all times on the main lake except when an Open Meeting is taking Place. There is a detailed paragraph at the bottom of the open meeting page on what is permitted, essentially Boats or Boards / SUPs etc that have not entered during an OPEN MEETING taking place may NOT use the main lake during racing except with express permission of the Race Officer of the Day.

The only condition is that cruiser’s give way to racing craft and keep away from the start/finishing line and rounding marks. i.e. marks of the course. In other words do not interfere with the racing.

This table indicates what activity is likely to take place on race days and suggested times for casual sailing.

When racing is not scheduled or underway there are unlikely to be any duty crews providing Safety boat cover.


No racing (except some Bank Holidays).

Tuesday Evening

Racing / Training aimed at Novice (room for cruising)

Wednesday Afternoon Evening

Windsurfing training (room for cruising – windsurfers have right of way)

Thursday Daytime 

The Thursday “Summer Winers” often meet around 11.30 and cruise in good weather

Thursday Evening

Dinghy Racing 7pm to dusk (little room for cruising, windsurfers keep clear)


Open water swimming on small lake, main lake available

Saturday (normal)

Saturday till 2.15 in season. Room for cruising, racing in afternoon, and extensive training all day April to June & Sept

Saturday – Open Meeting

Cruising (with race Officer permission) till racing starts either 10.30, 11, or 1pm depending on open (see Notice of Race or Open Meeting Page – No Cruising whilst racing )

Sunday (normal)

Cruising till 11am, racing to approx 12.30pm, and again at 1.15pm approx (cruising over lunch) the second race finishes about 2.45pm normally, the third race starting around 3.15pm. The third race normally has less participants, so there can be room to cruise then, but keep clear of racing.

Sunday – Open Meeting

Cruising till 10.30am (unless otherwise stated) and often over lunch (with Race Officers permission) Open meetings often finish early to mid afternoon after which time the water is free. No cruising whilst racing is taking place or dinghies heading for start line. Open Meeting Page – No Cruising whilst racing

These times can change, and sailing at lunch and other breaks during Open meetings is with the Race Officer’s permission. If casual sailors are prepared to clear the water quickly once boats leave shore to go racing, there is usually no objection.

Open water swimmers use the small or training lake during their season, so there is no use by boats/SUPs etc whilst swimming is taking place (see here for times).

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