Work Party - 7th October

NCSC WORK PARTY –  7 Oct 2023.

Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to be worn for all tasks.

Adopt all relevant safety procedures – If in Doubt Ask the Commodore.

Take care and stay safe.

Timings 9am onwards – early in the day bacon cobs for workers will be available (report in for ticket). Please spare any time you can – thankyou – Exec.

Thankyou to all who attended on 9th Sept, lots gone done, but more to do !




Install tie-down anchors for additional berths adjacent main car park. Excavate holes approx 25cm x 25cm x 40cm deep, suspend eye bolt ground anchor and trim ring, back fill with postcrete concrete mix.


Trenching spade, pick axe, garden trowels.



Replace rotten post with speed limit sign and refix fencing rails on corner of car park adjacent to wind surfer launch area.

Set new post in postcrete.



Trenching spade, wood saw, hammer, screw driver.


Refix boot wash signage in gents changing area.



Adhesive provided by club


Prepare and paint storage containers and Hub by small lake.

Scrape loose paint and rust, wash down, prime corroded areas with red oxide primer, paint with green container paint.



Paint scapers, wire brushes, step ladders

Paint & brushes will be provided by the club


Repairs to safety store window frame and sill.



Wood working tools, spatulas.

Materials provided by club.



Prepare and paint external walls of safety store.



Paint scapers.

Paint & brushes will be provided by the club


Improving security of fence line / ditch along SE boundary i.e. in location of old style and adjacent to new kissing gate.



Spades, picks, wood saws, fencing tools


Spay timber decking walkways around club house with biocide.



Club sprayer available, biocide provided


Clear brambles / weeds from main lake overflow



Strimmer, shears and garden rakes



Prune new growth back to trunk of tree stumps in trailer park – Lots of these !! 

Leave stumps in place.



Bow saws, loppers and pruners



Filling pot holes on access track. In particular those on the bend adjacent to the tree.

A small pile of type 1 road stone is available near the bend.


Pick axe, shovel and rake.

Club wheel barrow

A whacker plate is available to compact.


Clean and wash down both pontoons and fixed jetty



Pressure washer , yard brush


Remove all left property  in changing rooms in club house, review (in case named) and add to a box next to the cage below the club house. (the pre loved cage has a box stating lost property)




Scrub and clean the skirting boards in the corridor and main club house area



Scrubbing brush, scourers, cleaning fluids


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