Please come down to help tidy the club for the season 

Start at around 9am, but please come down any time, and for any length of time, 2 hours, 4 hours all day whatever you can manage. 

Please report to conservatory for assigning to a task and a free voucher from Martin Hart for breakfast tea and bacon cob to those helping (min 2 hours please).

Plenty to do for all skillsets some jobs below (please bring some implements (and mark them) materials will be supplied :

  • Hedge trimming / ditch clearance (near bosuns store) – Chain/bowsaw, loppers etc
  • Saplings near bosuns store, pontoons – Spade, bow saw, loppers
  • Willow coppicing south end of lake – Ross Ryan leading – loppers
  • Willow coppicing near Bouy 3 – Dean leading
  • Rocks near waters edge (May need crowbar, wellies)
  • Car park & road signs sign refix and clean a number etc – screwdriver / drill, scrubbing brush bucket
  • Benches handrails clean up – scrubbing brush / detergent
  • Oil benches under clubhouse
  • Move pile from ditch clearance – gloves
  • Prune back growth in trailer park – loppers
  • Repairs to decking – lead G Harper.
  • Remove rotten planking outside balcony
  • Touch up hub and paint handrail
  • Repaint and straighten carefully barrier keypad surround
  • Retrieve halyard on flagpole
  • remove ply by F15 berths
  • Scrub orange windward mark – detergent and scrubbing brush

Appropriate PPE needed for tasks, please bring goggles, stout gloves and anything else for the task. If you are in any doubt ask and be safe.

A full list with photos is on this pdf :

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